Interview mit Davy Wentzler

(Audio Evolution)

Please Introduce yourself for the Readers!

Hi,I'm Davy Wentzler, author of the audio harddisk-recording program 'Audio Evolution' (


Since did you Start to Work with the Amiga?

Well, I started with an A500 around 10 years ago and started to do some coding in 1992.


Which Amiga Modell have you got?

Currently, I own an A4000 with CyberStormPPC 68060/604@233, Prelude soundcard, Hypercom serial card, CyberVision64, etc.


Which Amiga OS Version is used by you?



Which Software Develope you?

Audio Evolution.


Would you continue Develope for your Software? 



Get you enough Feedback and Registration for you Software?

Well, unfortunately the Amiga market is small and the Amiga audio market is even smaller!

So, I don't expect much, but sometimes I wish to get more feedback.


Would you Develope your Software for the AmigaOne?

I currently do some work on the audio part for the new Amiga already, but unfortunately I can't tell you more because I'm under NDA!

At some stage I will definately port Audio Evolution to the new Amiga.


Would you change to the New Amiga?

At first, I think I'll use them both, but eventually, yes.


When have you used your Amiga at last?

I use it nearly every day for Internet and developing.

Besides that I use my DevBox to work on the new Amiga.


Which was your last Soft/Hardware Product you buy?

The DevBox, Amiga SDK, BurnIt, ...


Which Software used you on you Amiga?

IBrowse, BurnIt, SAS/C, YAM, DOpus4, Audio Evolution :-)


Which Soft/Hardware would you buy in the Future?

Probably an X-Surf and a CyberVisionPPC.


Do you belive on the Amiga comeback?

Of course, I'm on the team! :-)


Thank you for your Answer!

My pleasure! :-)



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