Please introduce yourself to the readers!

I am Damir Arh from Slovenia.

I study computer and information sience.

In my spare time I develop some software for the Amiga and recently also for Java/Windows.


When did you start to work with the Amiga?

I don't remember exactly anymore.

I got my first Amiga 500 in the early 1990's.


Which Amiga modell have you got?

A1200 with 68030/50.


Which Amiga OS version are you using?

OS 3.5


Which software do you develop?

I publicly released BallMaster,

StopMenu (continued work from Tomasz Wojcik) and TV-Logo.


Will you continue developing your software?

As long as I still receive registrations.

At the moment this means further development for StopMenu and TV-Logo, but I've abandoned BallMaster.


Do you get enough feedback and registrations for you software?

Not as much as I'd like.

But I guess I couldn't expect more in the current Amiga situation.


Will you port your software to the AmigaOne?

My current programs certainly not.

Future programs yes, as long as I see it as a viable platform.


Will you buy the new Amiga?

As a hardware device probably not, as an operating environment yes if it brings what it promises.


When was the last time you used your Amiga?

Just yesterday when I did some work on the TV-Logo and I'll turn it on later today to continue that work.


Which was your last software/hardware product you bought?

It must have been a game from Clickboom or an Aminet CD from Schatztruhe.


Which applications/games do you use on your Amiga?

I mainly use things I need for development: text editors, compilers etc.

I don't use it for playing games anymore.


Which software/hardware will you buy in the future?

For my current Amiga probably none.


Do you belive in the Amiga comeback?

I'd like to see a comeback but after all that waiting I don't know what to believe anymore.

We'll see what will happen.


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