Interview mit Andrew Crowe



Please Introduce yourself for the Readers!

Hi, I'm Andrew Crowe of MantaSoft.

I have made many Amiga PD games and a small number of utilities.

Currently my most famous creation is 'James Bond: You Only Live Twice',

which was described in AF as 'the best game of the month' :)


I've now started to write commercial games,

my first one to be released was Pictris, and I now have two other in the works:

Blast Squad, a really good version of the classic Super Bomberman and Solar Conquest,

a space stratagy game like Civilisation,and with internet play support.


Since did you Start to Work with the Amiga?

Must be since about '96


Which Amiga Modell have you got?

A1200 with 040/25 and PPC 240.


Which Amiga OS Version is used by you?



Which Software Develope you?

I have made various freeware games including Wizards of Odd and James Bond.

I have also made a few utilities such as AsciiStudio and Serial Paint


Would you continue Develope for your Software?

I am :)


Get you enough Feedback and Registration for you Software?

Well, I got a little feedback from my games.

A didn't really get any registrations at all from my shareware stuff but I don't mind ;)

Now I have started commercial development, I should make a little more :)


Would you Develope your Software for the AmigaOne?

I dont know how to yet


Would you change to the New Amiga?



When have you used your Amiga at last?

Um, to answer this questionnare?  :)


Which was your last Soft/Hardware Product you buy?

A replacement CD-Rom drive


Which Software used you on you Amiga?

Mainly internet software.

I also play a few old games, and do development


Which Soft/Hardware would you buy in the Future?

Maybe an SCSI harddrive, maybe then that new PCI bus and a gfx card


Do you belive on the Amiga comeback?

Hopefully, especially as it is a replacement opperating system now,

so existing PC users can use their decent hardware with a decent OS :)


Thank you for your Answer!



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